Wheat malt BEST Wheat Malt

Wheat malt BEST Wheat Malt

Wheat malt BEST Wheat Malt
Лучший Пшеничный Солод подчеркивает искрящуюся свежесть и типичный аромат верхового брожения пшеничного пива.
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About product

About product Wheat malt BEST Wheat Malt

In the Prolitech online store, anyone can buy the original products of the German malt company BESTMALZ at a very attractive price. Convenient packaging format (1 and 25 kg) allows you to purchase a batch in any required volume, the minimum order is 1 kg package. BEST WheatMalt malt, which we offer, is the main component in the recipe for making light wheat (classic and low-alcohol) beer. It is also used for brewing non-alcoholic varieties.

In some cases, Wheat Malt is added to the mash during the production of top-fermented beer or ale. This provides the final product with a grainy malt flavor and characteristic aroma.

Features BEST Wheat Malt

For the manufacture of this important component in the beer recipe, selected spring wheat is used, the crop of which is harvested in the fields of the grain regions of Germany.

BEST WheatMalt malt has the following characteristics:

  • Color - 3.5-6.0 EBC.

  • Enzymatic activity (share of grist) – up to 60.0%.

  • Extractivity in dry matter (minimum) - 82.0%.

  • Protein (maximum value) - 13.5%.

  • Humidity - no more than 5.5%.

The offer of the company "Prolitech"

You can order high-quality German wheat malt Wheat Malt either directly on the Prolitech online store page, or by calling our manager. We will be happy to advise new brewers on how to properly use this brand of wheat malt for beer or ale.


From 10% to 70% in grist.

Weight: 1

Features Wheat malt BEST Wheat Malt

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