Plastic container for fermentation Speidel 120 l

Plastic container for fermentation Speidel 120 l

Plastic container for fermentation Speidel 120 l
Пластиковая бочка для сбраживания с краном, Speidel (Германия).
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About product

About product Plastic container for fermentation Speidel 120 l

This plastic container is specially designed for the fermentation of various media:
  • beer wort;
  • wine;
  • wort for subsequent distillation by distillation or rectification.


The material of the barrel is made of a material resistant to aggressive environments, while it does not release anything into the fermentation medium. During testing in the laboratory, it was concluded that plastic in its properties is not inferior to glass or steel.

The gaskets used are made of food-grade silicone, which is neutral to alcohol and other aggressive liquids. The tank has a very convenient filler neck, as well as a threaded hatch with a wide thread pitch. If necessary, a plug or water seal can be installed in the hatch.

At the bottom of the tank there is a threaded fitting where you can screw in a plug or tap. Its height is calculated so that it is above the level of the yeast sediment, which is convenient when overflowing the fermented wort. Thus, the yeast sediment will remain at the bottom of the tank, and the clarified wort will overflow without mixing with the yeast.

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