Small business commercial brewery

The Prolitekh company sells a set of equipment on favorable terms - a brewery for cafes and restaurants. We invite you to consider beer, not only as a drink that relieves thirst in the heat, and in bad weather - from melancholy. The production of foam is a profitable business that can become the main or accompanying activity of the company.


Large manufacturers have chosen the path of unitary production, which is cheap and does not require adjustments in technological processes. And connoisseurs of author's varieties are increasingly paying attention to the products of small breweries that rely not on quantity, but on the quality of the product. Therefore, a mini brewery for business is a great opportunity to occupy a niche in the craft beer market. The installation can be mounted as the main equipment, for example, in a live beer store. It can also complement the existing technical equipment of a bar or cafe.


A mini brewery allows you to brew beer not only according to traditional, but also original recipes. This means that the owner of such an installation can be sure that fans of the drink, fed up with standard mass products, will become regular visitors to the establishment in search of a new taste.


Features of private brewing: To implement the idea, several conditions must be met. The determining success factors are high-quality technical equipment and the best raw materials. We offer to buy modern high-tech equipment for a private brewery, as well as conclude an agreement for the supply of necessary ingredients: hops, malt, etc. We will not only install and connect the device, but also:

  • we will teach you to work on it,
  • we will undertake the supply of malt, yeast, hops at a bargain price,
  • we will share a dozen tested exclusive beer recipes.

Brewery for pubs and bars

Recently, given the fierce competition and the inability to compete with reputable leisure centers, the owners of small cafes and home restaurants decide to purchase a craft brewery complex to make the new product the visiting card of the institution.


Such a solution really allows you to attract "your audience", but such a business has risks.

  • The absence of a reliable supplier of raw materials can lead to delays in delivery. And this is a production stop.
  • The breakdown of an expensive factory unit, which is not repaired by local specialists, will cause losses.
  • Untrained personnel who do not know how to handle equipment, do not own technologies, can cause damage to consignments of goods.

These problems can be avoided if you turn to a comprehensive service from the Proliteh company.


Benefits of ordering and buying a brewery from the Prolitex company

We will provide a "full service package" which includes:

  • selection of a kit for the estimated volumes, production plans, other details,
  • delivery, installation and configuration of the complex,
  • training,
  • providing access to the database of traditional and author's recipes,
  • guarantee.

Turning to us, you get the highest quality service.

  • You can count on a demonstration of the brewery technology kit before you buy it.
  • Each unit has UkrSEPRO and CES certificates.
  • The geography of our activity is not only large cities, such as Kiev, Dnipro. We work throughout Ukraine.
  • We provide warranty and service in any region of the country.

If our partner, a specialized repair center, is not in your city, we ourselves will come to you in case of failure or failure of the machine.

You can find out the details of cooperation by contact phone.

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