A set of spices for hunting tincture

A set of spices for hunting tincture

A set of spices for hunting tincture
A set of spices for hunting tincture
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About product A set of spices for hunting tincture

Hunting tincture recipe:

First, the concentrate is made, and only then - the "Hunter" itself. A big plus of this technology is that you can adjust the intensity of taste and aroma yourself by adding the extract to the main drink and tasting it a little bit.

Concentrate "Hunting"

- Alcohol 70% 600 g

- A set of spices for the Hunter's tincture

Pour all the ingredients with alcohol and leave for 2 weeks in a dark place, filter through a cotton or other filter, after which the infusion is ready for blending.

Ingredients (for final drink):

- Concentrated infusion "Hunting" - about 120 ml;

- Port wine - 30 ml;

- Fructose - 0.5 tsp;

- Alcohol 40% - 850 ml.

Combine liquids, add fructose, mix well and taste. Is the tincture not strong enough? Add concentrate. On the contrary, would you like to make it less intense? Add the rest of the ingredients.

Important! After blending, the drink must necessarily stand for at least two weeks, preferably more, so that its taste is rounded, the aromas “make friends”, and also a possible precipitate falls out. If necessary, after settling, it must be filtered again. Everything, the bitter tincture "Hunting" is ready for use!


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Cloves, lemon peel, orange peel, ginger, galangal, angelica, star anise, juniper, allspice, coffee beans

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