Monkey 47 style gin spice set

Monkey 47 style gin spice set
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About product Monkey 47 style gin spice set

Monkey 47 style gin spice set.

 The set is designed to receive 12-15 liters. gin by steam infusion or 5-8 liters. gin by maceration (infusion) depending on the desired intensity of aromas.

The taste of gin can be completely different in every sip. It hints at notes of pine, moss, birch, sage, cardamom, lemon balm, black pepper, ginger, cranberries. There are too many of them to perceive separately, but in general there remains a warm, long, slightly dry aftertaste with hints of spices. The aroma of gin is characterized by pronounced tones of juniper, accentuated by notes of citrus, flowers, hints of tea tree, verbena, hot spices and bitter fruits.


Preparation of gin by infusion (maceration)

For everything you will need:

  • 7-8 liters of alcohol with a strength of 45-50%
  • Gin Spice Pack


To begin with, we prepare the tincture. We throw all the ingredients into a container, pour 7-8 liters of alcohol with a strength of 45-50% and leave for about 10-14 days in a dark, warm place. We shake every day.

After settling, the liquid is filtered and diluted with clean cold water up to 30-35 degrees.

The diluted tincture is poured into the distillation cube, the heating device is set to medium temperature. If you used diluted alcohol or good moonshine, it is enough to select the first 50 g of heads.

The selection of the "heart" ends at 45% in the jet. It is important not to miss the moment here - because of the tails, even the smallest ones, the homemade gin becomes cloudy.

We measure the strength of the resulting alcohol, dilute it to 45 degrees. Remember, gin is stronger than vodka, dilution below 42 degrees will completely destroy the citrus notes.

The finished drink should rest for a week.

Steam infusion brewing with a gin basket (This method is recommended by Hot Rod Distiller)


For everything you will need:

  • 20 liters of diluted alcohol with a strength of 30%
  • Gin Spice Pack
  • Gin basket


1. Grind spices in a mortar (or blender). It is enough to break the integrity of the juniper berries. Don't over-grind the spices.

2. We fall asleep carefully mixed spices in a gin basket.

3. We fill the distillation cube with alcohol, previously diluted to a strength of 30%.

4. We start the distillation at a low temperature so that our spices warm up gradually and evenly.

5. Keep an eye on the phlegm level in the gin basket while distilling. Do not allow the phlegm to overflow back into the cube. Drain the contents of the gin basket into the waste container using the drain tap at the bottom. This procedure may need to be repeated several times throughout the distillation.

6. The first 20-50 ml of the resulting distillate should be collected in a separate container and set aside. These are the most bitter juniper essential oils.

7. The main fraction is taken until the degree in the jet drops to 50%.

8. Excess tails will cause the gin to become cloudy when diluted.

9. We dilute our gin to 42-45 degrees.

10. The finished drink should rest for a week.


Type of packaging

Craft package


250 g



juniper, coriander, angelica root, cassia (cinnamon), licorice (licorice), bitter almonds, meleget pepper (grains of paradise), cubeb pepper, peppercorns, green pepper, capsicum, white pepper, orange peel, lemon peel, pameranza peel , dried ginger, green cardamom, bergamot, orris root (violet root), acacia blossom, cranberry, wild raspberry, blackcurrant, hawthorn, blackberry, verbena, birch buds, tea, sage, lemon balm, jasmine, Chinese magnolia vine, carnation, blueberry , lingonberry, blackthorn, chokeberry, calamus marsh, red ashberry, black elderberry, lavender, hibiscus, chamomile, nutmeg, wild rose, bee balm, pine bud