Brewer Starter Kit Braumeister 10 L ECO

Brewer Starter Kit Braumeister 10 L ECO

Brewer Starter Kit Braumeister 10 L ECO
Brewer Starter Kit Braumeister 10 L ECO
Brewer Starter Kit Braumeister 10 L ECO
Комплект содержит все необходимое, чтобы сразу начать варить пиво
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About product

About product Brewer Starter Kit Braumeister 10 L ECO

If you are just starting out in the art of brewing, then the Braumeister 10 L ECO Beginner Brewer Kit is the best kit to help you get started. Inexpensive, compact kit is easy to place in the kitchen or pantry. It is completely self-sufficient, that is, ready to use. The small volume of the resulting product - 10 liters - makes it possible to brew beer in small batches, experimenting, working out and improving recipes.


The Braumeister 10 L ECO beginner brewer's set is an opportunity to save time looking for the necessary equipment and accessories. The equipment has already been selected taking into account compatibility, necessity and sequence of technological processes. All you have to do is purchase the raw materials, and you can begin the sacrament of mixing the ingredients to get a lively, fresh homemade beer.



The Braumeister 10 L ECO beginner brewer's set contains the elements that are completely sufficient for home brewing. The package includes:

·       The 10 liter Braumeister is a small, compact wort kettle. The model is very popular with beginner brewers, as it is inexpensive, equipped with an automatic control system, simple and reliable in use. You need to use the touch control panel to set the desired (according to the recipe) parameters of temperature and technological pauses. The remaining processes are carried out by the minibrewery itself. The unit is equipped with a control unit necessary to monitor compliance with the technological stages.


·       The 10 liter wort chiller made of stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosive processes. This device facilitates the process of cooling the wort to a temperature of +25 degrees, which is necessary for adding yeast. It is no longer necessary to use ice water containers to cool the wort. Simply place the chiller in the wort brewer and run cold water through its channels. After 20 minutes, the medium will be ready for further technological steps.


·       Using a malt mill to pre-grind the malt (preceded by the mashing step) makes this quick and easy. Compact mill does not take up much space, copes with the task - a great option for domestic use.


·       A 12 liter fermentation tank is included in the set. This container is used for fermentation (fermentation). The tank is made of food grade plastic. Differs in convenience and ease of cleaning.


·       The tap for the tank allows you to easily drain the beer into bottles from the fermentation tank for further fermentation.


·       Air seal and stopper - these accessories allow you to ensure and control the maintenance of optimal pressure in the fermenter.


·       The spatula is used for filling the malt. The accessory is made of food grade plastic.

Braumeister 10 L ECO Starter Brewer's Kit: Buying Benefits


Specialists have assembled a kit for brewing at home from reliable equipment and quality accessories. There is nothing extra in the set. And you don’t have to buy anything other than raw materials for it. Buy, install in the kitchen and start creating - after all, you have long dreamed of your own brewery!



Features Brewer Starter Kit Braumeister 10 L ECO

Состав комплекта:


·       10-литровый Braumeister


·       10-литровый охладитель сусла из нержавеющей стали


·       Солодовая мельница


·       12-литровый ферментер


·       Кран для бродильной ёмкости


·       Бродильный замок и пробка


·       Большая солодовая лопатка