Mini KEG 5l with tap

Mini KEG 5l with tap
Mini KEG 5l with tap
Mini KEG 5l with tap
Mini KEG 5l with tap
Мини КЕГ 5л разработан специально для хранение пива, кваса, сидра, вина и прочих пищевых жидкостей. Компактные размеры и удобная конструкция позволяют значительно сократить площади хранения
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About product

About product Mini KEG 5l with tap

The company "Prolitech" offers to buy a mini keg 5l on favorable terms. for home or commercial use. High-quality beer keg is made of food-grade stainless steel sheet. The surface is polished.⠀

Beer keg 5l.: description

Stylish beer accessory ideal for home brewing needs. Due to its light weight, compact dimensions and small capacity, the beer keg with a tap is often used in commercial breweries for bottling and selling beer as a souvenir product, for the presentation and supply of branded product lines.

In a home brewing environment, a 5 liter keg is enough to store beer brewed in a 5 liter home brewery. The advantage of using a mini keg 5l. also is its resistance to corrosion. Food stainless steel, even when interacting with aggressive media, does not rust, does not collapse. High mechanical strength ensures that the product is resistant to chips, scratches, and other damage during use, transportation, and loading. 

A perfect addition to a beer keg is a faucet, located at the bottom and providing ease of use of the product. At the top of the keg there is a gas release system in the form of a plug with an air valve. The beer keg is certified in accordance with international standards. The relevant documents are attached.

Where in Ukraine to buy a beer keg 5l.?

The Prolitex company offers a wide range of accessories for the preparation and storage of beer. You can buy beer kegs 5L from us. at the price most attractive in the region, taking into account the quality of the goods and the service provided. Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by Nova Poshta. When ordering a large batch of products, significant discounts are possible. You can find out all the details by phone from the manager of the company.

Width: 20
Height: 25
Lenghth: 20
Weight: 0.532
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