65 liter juice container

65 liter juice container
65 liter juice container
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brand: SPEIDEL
Model: Контейнер для сока объёмом 65 литров
About product

About product 65 liter juice container

The online store of the Prolitech company offers to buy a container for juice from the German manufacturer Speidel at a bargain price. As an official partner of the brand, we offer the best buying conditions in Ukraine. The goods can be sent to any region, all products of the catalog are subject to warranty.

Product Features

After collecting, grinding and pressing fresh fruits - apples, pears, quinces, grapes - the question of juice storage arises. A particularly difficult task if a lot of the product was received, and it was not planned to process it all at once. Unfortunately, it is not possible to store fruit liquid in ordinary household containers (flasks), as the juice begins to ferment and quickly becomes unusable. Another thing is the Speidel juice container. These tanks are specially made and allow you to store fruit juice for several months without the risk of souring. Also the container can be used to store fermented cider.

  • Products are made of high-quality food stainless steel.
  • Tanks are completed with a special floating cover. The tightness of the floating lid is achieved by filling the free space with hypoallergenic olive oil, which prevents air from contacting the product, so juices do not oxidize.
  • Stainless steel is not subject to oxidation, does not release toxic substances into stored products, and does not affect their taste.
  • Tank maintenance is very simple. It is enough to rinse the container under running water to clean it and prepare it for later use.

The affordable price of the Speidel juice storage container allows it to be used not only in the industrial production of ciders, wines at small enterprises, but also for private individuals when doing home winemaking, home brewing.

Width: 35
Height: 77
Lenghth: 35
Weight: 8

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