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About product column VM

For the production of fragrant, pure, high-acid alcohol in the home minds, the online store encourages you to buy an inexpensive universal Vinokur installation. Series VM (vapor management) – management of the number of bets that are selected (vapor per pair) is ideal for both buds and for those who love making homemade drinks and traditional moonshine. Posadnannya to fasten to the humus cube through the clamp 2”. The devices of the VM series produced by "Vinokur" have a minimum squeezing and squeezing from the side of the coristuvach.

 We have split the universal column maє:

- Great productivity

- Wide operating range up to 4.5 kW

- Economical vitrata water

- modularity of design with the possibility of expansion of functionality

- High quality materials stainless steel 304 and copper M1 (optional)

- Yakіsnu obrobka shviv that surfacing

- Simplicity of tapping (minimum susilla for cob adjustment of the installation and in the process of hauling)

- Necessary number of points for process control

The principle of operation of the column

- Assemble the configuration for the first run in Pot-still mode. The fastest distillation up to 6 liters / hour. At this speed, the spent yeast in the wash is heated for a short time, which reduces the amount of heavy fractions in the raw alcohol after the first distillation. In this form, all alcohol-containing vapors are condensed, cooled and go to the selection. At the same time, it is extremely important that the equipment has sufficient utilizing capacity for condensation and cooling.

As a raw material used for the distillation or rectification process, raw alcohol obtained as a result of primary distillation, in the Pot-still mode, of mash is used.

- Assemble the configuration for the second run. After reaching the temperature in the distillation cube at which the lightest fractions begin to evaporate, they condense on the surface of the Dimrota refrigerator and return to the column with a packing or to the plates (optional), where heat-mass exchange takes place. Due to this process, the vapors are separated along the body of the column into light and heavy fractions. By opening the steam tap, you control the amount of steam discharged to the aftercooler. In this design, the “reflux ratio” (the ratio of the evaporated liquid to the selected distillate) is constant and is regulated only by you (if necessary). This system does not respond to changes in water pressure or changes in voltage in the mains. Alcohol-containing vapors are condensed and cooled in the aftercooler and flow down into the receiving tank.

 - In the configuration of an aroma or distillation column, it allows you to get aromatic distillates of high strength 85-93% or highly purified alcohol with a strength of up to 96.6% with excellent productivity per hour. (depends on the characteristics of the distillation cube, the density of the stuffing of the side, the desired strength).

The selling price of the universal column of the VM series in our online store is the most affordable and competitive in Ukraine. And our experts will not only provide a full consultation on its use, but will also help in the purchase of suitable ingredients for the manufacture of a wide range of alcohol of various tastes and strengths.