Hydraulic press 90 l

Hydraulic press 90 l
Hydraulic press 90 l
Гидравлический пресс можно также использовать для прессования сот, помидоров, табака или цитрусовых.

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brand: SPEIDEL
Model: Гидравлический пресс 90 л
About product

About product Hydraulic press 90 l

We offer all interested parties - amateur gardeners, winemakers, small enterprises for the preparation of fruit products - to buy special equipment for squeezing fruits from the German brand Speidel. The 90 liter juice press can be used alone or in combination with a fruit grinder and a juice storage container. The hydraulic press is suitable for the rapid processing of large volumes of any hard fruit, for example, to obtain quince, pear, grape, apple juice. The high performance of the unit makes it attractive not only for private, but also for industrial use, for example, in a juice harvesting workshop, cider production.

Equipment Features

A 90 liter hydraulic press is an efficient and reliable equipment. The maximum productivity of the device is observed during the processing of crushed fruits. The technique works on the hydraulic principle.

  • The press juicer does not require an electrical connection, as it is non-volatile.
  • To start the process of squeezing fruit, the pieces are loaded into a special container.
  • Next, the unit is connected to the water hose. The required water pressure is 2-3 atmospheres.
  • When water enters the housing cavity from an open tap, the rubber membrane located inside expands.
  • She presses on the slices, pressing them against the mesh basket.
  • Juice is squeezed out under pressure.
  • It is filtered by passing through a special filter bag included in the kit.

The spin efficiency is up to 70%, which is much higher than that of similar designs from other manufacturers.


Manufacturing materials

Hydraulic press for 90 liters is made of food-grade plastic, rubber, stainless steel. These materials are chemically neutral, therefore they do not oxidize when interacting with an acidic liquid. Juice retains flavor and aroma.

The Prolitech company is the official partner of the manufacturer in Ukraine. We guarantee the best conditions - price, delivery, guarantees.


Contents of delivery

  • Hydraulic Press
  • Press bag
  • Mudguard
  • GEKA adapter


Factory warranty 2 years!!!

Width: 75
Height: 72
Lenghth: 95
Weight: 28

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