Fermentis dry brewer's yeast SafAle BE-256 (Abbaye) 500 g

Fermentis dry brewer's yeast SafAle BE-256 (Abbaye) 500 g

Fermentis dry brewer's yeast SafAle BE-256 (Abbaye) 500 g
Для производства широкого спектра пива различных сортов, среди которых пиво аббатского (монастырского) стиля.
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About product

About product Fermentis dry brewer's yeast SafAle BE-256 (Abbaye) 500 g

Brewer's yeast Fermentis Safale BE-256 Abbaye is an active yeast culture produced in dry form by a French manufacturer for the preparation of beer using top fermentation technology. This variety is designed to brew a wide range of beers, including monastic (abbey) and Belgian strong styles of beer with a high alcohol content. It is used not only in industrial, but also in home brewing.


Product Features

A feature of this yeast culture is the rapid completion of fermentation, due to the drink forming a mild taste and balanced aroma. In order to maintain the aromatic profile, it is very important not to miss the end of fermentation and to interrupt the interaction with the yeast, otherwise there is a risk of pronounced estery notes.


Among the specific characteristics of this yeast strain, it should be noted:

  • High resistance to alcohols.
  • Full and high flocculation (degree of fermentation of the wort).
  • High spice (phenolicity).
  • High ethereality.

The recommended temperature range for using the yeast strain Fermentis Safel BE-256 Abbaye is from +15 to +25 degrees Celsius. When lowering the lower temperature of traditional wort, it is recommended to double the amount of dry yeast.


The high quality of the yeast guarantees its effectiveness. Insignificant yeast shades transferred to the beer provide the maximum disclosure of the taste and aroma of malt and hops.


You can order Fermentis Safale BE-256 brewer's yeast in our store in the original packaging of 500 gr. Direct deliveries from the manufacturer allow us to offer products at the most favorable price for buyers. You can buy catalog goods from one unit with delivery throughout Ukraine. Get details by phone.




DOSAGE: 0.5 g per 1 liter of must


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Sprinkle dry yeast evenly over the surface of warm (temperature +25°C…+29°C) distilled water or must of the same temperature. The proportion of the volume of yeast and liquid is 1:10. Let stand for 10-15 minutes. The next step is to gently mix for no more than 30 minutes. The resulting homogeneous mass is poured into a fermentation tank.

An alternative option for introducing yeast is to sprinkle it on the wort (liquid temperature is at least +20°C), located directly in the fermentation tank. In this case, the entire surface of the wort is covered with dry yeast, without any dense formations. After 30 minutes of sludge, we perform mixing by aeration, or by adding a small amount of new wort.




Features Fermentis dry brewer's yeast SafAle BE-256 (Abbaye) 500 g

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