Plastic food containers are made from polyethylene or propylene, usually by rotational molding, blow molding, or seamless welding. Rotational molding technology makes it possible to obtain seamless products of increased strength. When using the blowing method, the raw material is melted by extruders (machines for molding plastic materials), after which a blank is formed, which is placed in a mold of the desired volume. Pressurized air is supplied to the closed mold, which leads to the creation of a product with the desired geometric parameters.

The seamless welding method involves the use of sheet material. Separate parts of the structure are connected under the influence of hot air on the joint. When heated, the material becomes plastic. At the molding stage, plastic food containers are equipped with additional elements - drain taps, handles, support parts. The final stage of production is grinding the surface at the joints and mounting additional elements. The food grade plastic container has the following advantages:

  • Light weight, which ensures ease of transportation even with large dimensions of the product.
  • Low price compared to stainless steel tanks.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Ease of maintenance. Any dirt is easily removed from a smooth surface. It is recommended to wash plastic food containers with a detergent to prevent plaque from settling on the walls.
  • Resistance to UV radiation prevents the occurrence of unwanted chemical reactions, changes in the consumer characteristics of foods and drinks, and helps to preserve their taste and aroma properties for a long time.
  • Long service life - more than 25 years.
  • Versatility. If you buy a plastic food container, you can use it to store and transport various drinks and foods.

Modern plastics are practically impervious to air. Such material does not turn yellow over time, its performance does not decrease. Food plastic containers are safe for human health and the environment, inert to many chemical compounds. The material does not react with food and drinks, does not affect their taste and aromatic properties.

Types, characteristics and features

Plastic food containers are equipped with a tap, a lid for hermetic blockage. The tap is usually located at the bottom, which allows you to completely drain the drink. Some tanks are equipped with a water seal and a thermometer. Products are suitable for the preparation of low-alcohol drinks, provide the necessary conditions for the fermentation of wine or beer. 

In Prolitech LLC, you can buy food plastic containers of the German brand Speidel. The range includes tanks with a capacity of 60-600 liters, designed for the preparation, storage and transportation of drinks and products of various types, including juices, beer, wine, cider, vegetable oil. The transparent walls of the tank allow you to visually control the process of wort fermentation. 

Products of the brand are made of polyethylene without the addition of dyes, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, and do not emit foreign substances when in contact with the acidic environment of the wort. Speidel plastic food containers maintain performance at temperatures from minus 40°C to plus 60°C, comply with European standards EU 1935/2004 (European Community regulation for materials and products in contact with food).

Where to buy plastic food containers

Prolitech LLC is a trading platform where you can buy equipment, raw materials, food plastic containers and other containers for food industry enterprises. We will quickly deliver the ordered goods to cities in Ukraine - Kiev and Odessa, Lviv, Mariupol, Krivoy Rog, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye. Other benefits for our customers:

  • A large assortment. We can order conveyor lines and installations for organizing the production of food and beverages.
  • Professional advice. We will help you choose equipment and containers, taking into account the production capacity and needs of the enterprise.
  • Installation, adjustment of the operation of machines and installations.
  • After-sales service – consulting, maintenance, repair of equipment, replacement of components.

Buying plastic food containers and other containers in an online store means saving time and money. It will take a few minutes to place an order. Our customers are guaranteed a low price without the markup of intermediaries for the products of the leading brands of Ukraine and Europe.

Food plastic containers

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