Universal capacity 30 l

Universal capacity 30 l

Universal capacity 30 l
Контейнер из нержавеющей стали AISI 304. Зеркальная поверхность внутри и снаружи.
Product code: UF-035 Var 0005
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brand: SPEIDEL
About product

About product Universal capacity 30 l

The Speidel juice container is made of polished stainless steel. The material is chemically inert, therefore it does not oxidize, does not react with the contents, despite its composition. Juice, wine, liqueurs, syrups retain their taste and aroma without change. Thanks to the absolutely smooth walls of the container, it washes well. It is enough to rinse the tank with running water so that it is ready for reuse.


Stainless steel is lightweight and highly durable, so the equipment is not afraid of moderate mechanical shock.


Buck has:

  • at the bottom of the exit under the drain valve;
  • tight cover with silicone gasket, with a threaded sleeve for a water seal;
  • two stainless steel handles for ease of movement;
  • plastic plug for the water seal sleeve.

You can buy a universal container for storing liquids from us at the most attractive price in the region. We will provide delivery of equipment to any city in Ukraine. All goods are guaranteed. You can find out the details of the purchase by contact phone.


Contents of delivery

  •    Leak-proof lid with clamp and silicone gasket
  •    ¾” threaded socket with plastic plug
  •    Plastic threaded sleeve for water trap



  •    Height: 40 cm
  •    Width with handles: 45 cm
  •    Tank diameter: 35 cm
  •    Clamp diameter: 38cm
  •    Weight: 6.5 kg

Width: 35
Height: 40
Lenghth: 35
Weight: 6,5

Features Universal capacity 30 l


·        Высота: 40 см

·        Ширина с ручками: 45 см

·        Диаметр емкости: 35 см

·        Диаметр зажимного хомута: 38 см

·        Вес: 6,5 кг