Fermentation tank FD-1.2B 240 l

Fermentation tank FD-1.2B 240 l

Fermentation tank FD-1.2B 240 l
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brand: SPEIDEL
About product

About product Fermentation tank FD-1.2B 240 l

Fermentation vessel FD-1.2B

240 L

• Curved (dome-shaped) top hatch has NW 400 thread

• Lid with a hole for a water seal

  • Universal connection: Nozzle NW 25 DIN 11851 molded in Cap for T-adapter for connection to CO² valve and plug device or spray head holder NW 10 for cleaning

  • Nozzle for sampling NW 10 DIN 11851

  • Temperature meter for welded threaded connection NW 10 DIN 11851

  • Clean beer drain tap 1"

  • Main faucet 1"

  • Connection to cooling jacket 2 x 1"

 The maximum pressure in the tank is 1.2 bar.



- Recommended for the production of large quantities of beer

  - 3D mirror interior for easy cleaning

- The tank is equipped with an external cooling jacket, which allows the production of lager beers.

 • Made in accordance with the pressure equipment guidelines 2014/68/EU, including the approval of the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV).


 • Diameter: 55 cm


 • Height: 147cm


Features Fermentation tank FD-1.2B 240 l


 • Диаметр: 55 см


 • высота: 147см