Yeast SafSpirit USW-6, 500g (American Whiskey)

Yeast SafSpirit USW-6, 500g (American Whiskey)

Yeast SafSpirit USW-6, 500g (American Whiskey)
Для производства высококачественных дистиллятов для производителей бурбонов и других американских стилей виски.
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About product

About product Yeast SafSpirit USW-6, 500g (American Whiskey)

The Prolitech company offers to buy SafSpirit American Whiskey yeast at the most favorable price in Ukraine (taking into account the service and guarantees provided). Yeast received a high expert assessment due to its productivity. This strain of yeast culture is the most well-known strain of mushrooms for the production of American-style whiskey. It is also ideal for the production of high-grade grain distillate, which can later be used to make bourbons.

SafSpirit American Whiskey yeast gives spirits a mild profile. Delicate taste and bread aroma ensured wide popularity of the product in industries where the technology provides for aging distillates in barrels.

How to use SafSpirit American Whiskey Yeast

One of the important characteristics of SafSpirit American Whiskey yeast is the fermentation temperature range of +20+32 degrees. It is allowed to carry out fermentation at low temperatures, in this case one must be prepared for slow enzymatic kinetics. If the fermentation is carried out at a higher temperature, a lower total alcohol yield is expected.

When planning the use of this culture, you need to buy American Whiskey yeast at the rate of 30-50 grams per 100 liters. They need to be stored under certain temperature conditions. The product is transported and also stored at temperatures below 10°C for no longer than the period indicated on the packaging. An opened package can be stored at 4°C for no more than 7 days. American Whiskey yeast is used at the rate of one part to ten parts of purified water.⠀

You can buy products for brewing on the best conditions in Ukraine in the Prolitech store. When buying a large batch of goods, you can count on significant discounts.⠀


DOSAGE: 0.3 -0.5 g per 1 liter of must


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