Yeast Saflager W-34/70, 500g

Yeast Saflager W-34/70, 500g

Yeast Saflager W-34/70, 500g
Этот известный штамм, позволяет производить хорошо сбалансированное пиво с фруктовой и цветочной ароматикой
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About product

About product Yeast Saflager W-34/70, 500g

The yeast stamp from Weihenstephan (Germany), widely used in industrial brewing, can now be bought in Ukraine for lovers of self-brewing beer at home. This offer will also be of interest to owners of small mini-breweries engaged in the production of small batches of craft intoxicating drink.


PRODUCT FEATURES: The online store for brewers Prolitech offers to interested persons dry brewer's yeast Fermentis Saflager W-34/70, packaged in packs of 500 gr. This packaging allows them to be used more efficiently. Since it becomes possible to measure exactly the dosage of dry yeast in the general recipe for brewing beer, which provides a finished product with excellent taste.




DOSAGE: 0.5 g per 1 liter of must


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: The manufacturer (Fermentis trademark) recommends adding from 80 grams to 120 grams of dry powder Fermentis Saflager W-34/70 per 100 liters of must or sterile water, the temperature of which is + 23°C (±3°C). 


20-30 minutes are allotted for the formation of a yeast suspension. The next step - over the next 30 minutes, uniform mixing is performed. Next, the resulting solution is poured into a container for the further fermentation process.


According to the instructions of Fermentis specialists (France), the fermentation temperature should be between +9°C ... +15°C. On the advice of professional brewers, the temperature should be maintained at +12°C.

As a result of compliance with all technological nuances, you can get fresh, tasty bottom-fermented beer. This hoppy drink will not only have a pleasant, memorable aftertaste, but will also have a subtle floral or fruity aroma.


We offer the best prices for both Saflager W-34/70 and other types of brewer's yeast from the French Fermentis brand. You can order not only the required amount of this component from us, but also targeted delivery to any region of Ukraine.




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