Yeast Safale US-05, 500 gr

Yeast Safale US-05, 500 gr
Американские элевые дрожжи, производящие хорошо сбалансированные стили пива, с низким содержанием диацетила и чистым, хрустящим послевкусием.
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About product

About product Yeast Safale US-05, 500 gr

Europe's largest yeast producer, Fermentis, has developed and brings to the attention of amateur brewers a new strain that allows you to make American ale as well as any other ale varieties. You can buy this important component for making beer at a reasonable price in the Prolitech online store for brewers.


PRODUCT FEATURES: Fermentis Safale US-05 brewer's yeast not only ensures the production of a harmoniously balanced hoppy drink with a low level of diacetyl. They contribute to the creation of a clean, crispy aftertaste, during the fermentation they remain in suspension and form the upper dense layer of foam.


FERMENTATION TEMPERATURE: 18-28°C, ideal at 15-20°C


DOSAGE: 0.5 g per 1 liter of must


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Dry yeast Fermentis Safael US-05 should be spread evenly over the surface of the wort or clean water (without impurities) at a dosage of 50-80 grams per 100 liters. The liquid temperature must be within +27°C (± 3°C). The settling time is 15-30 minutes, after which uniform mixing is performed for 30 minutes. Only upon completion of these preparatory manipulations, the resulting suspension is poured into a fermentation tank.


An alternative way is to introduce the yeast directly into the wort in the fermentation tank. The temperature of the wort must be above +20°C. The fermentation temperature recommended by the manufacturer is +12°C ... +25°C, but practical experience suggests an ideal temperature regime of +15°C ... + 22°C.


We offer Fermentis Safale US-05 ale yeast at a favorable price in convenient packaging of 500 gr. You can make a purchase and order targeted delivery both by phone and through the appropriate form on the pages of our website.




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