Home brewery Braumeister 50 L

Home brewery Braumeister 50 L

Home brewery Braumeister 50 L
Home brewery Braumeister 50 L
Home brewery Braumeister 50 L
Home brewery Braumeister 50 L
Home brewery Braumeister 50 L
Home brewery Braumeister 50 L
Home brewery Braumeister 50 L
Home brewery Braumeister 50 L
Braumeister был специально разработан для домашнего пивоварения и активных хобби пивоваров. Компактные размеры и простая эксплуатация делают его идеальным для использования в домашних условиях
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About product

About product Home brewery Braumeister 50 L

Online store LLC "Prolitech" offers a home brewery Braumaster 50 L at the best price in Ukraine. We directly cooperate with the German manufacturing company, therefore we guarantee the originality of the product and provide a company guarantee for it.


Braumeister 50 L: description

In fact, this model of a grain brewery is a wort brewer capable of preparing 50 liters of wort in one session. This model is well suited for home use, a small family restaurant or a large brewery laboratory. In everyday life, it allows you to brew a sufficient amount of amber drink for a large number of people - there will be enough beer for all guests and visitors. And on an industrial scale, such equipment is indispensable for testing new recipes, experimenting with different varieties and ingredients.


Buyers are attracted to the home brewery Braumeister 50 L by its small dimensions, reliability, ease of maintenance. But the main competitive advantages of this model over similar units from other manufacturers are high technical capabilities and impeccable consumer characteristics.


Artificial intelligence controls all processes

Automation of all processes makes the use of Braumeister breweries convenient even for those people who are completely ignorant of technology.


·      The touch panel has keys that allow you to set the desired brewing mode. A detailed instruction contains all the necessary recommendations.

·   Following the instructions, you can choose one of the 10 recipes stored in the brewery's memory.

·   You can program your own author's recipe.

·      The control system controls temperature and time modes.

·   Current time/temperature readings and process progress are displayed in real time.


Home brewery Braumeister 50 L: user-friendly, reliable and durable

All main structural details of the brewing complex are made of stainless steel. This material is durable and highly resistant to aggressive environments. The electronics are protected by a special case, so the risk of damage when washing the equipment after the session is excluded.


The designers have equipped this brewing technique with a patented option that prevents the wort from sticking: now the processes do not provide for its constant mixing by hand, as the built-in pump ensures a constant circulation of the mass in the tank.


When the technological cycle is completed, a signal sounds for the brewer. It's time to pour the wort into the fermentation tank and add yeast to it. In a few weeks the beer will be ready to drink. It remains to cool it to the desired temperature, because a cool amber drink is much tastier.


You can find out more detailed information about the equipment, as well as order it with targeted delivery to any city in the country by phone. You can also buy useful accessories and brewing ingredients in our store at a bargain price.


Features Home brewery Braumeister 50 L


Технические детали:


 Нагревательный ТЭН: 3200 Вт выходной мощности


 Насос: 2х9 Вт


 Подключение питания: 230 В


 (предохранитель мин. 16 ампер.)


 Система управления: полностью автоматический контроль варки


 (температура, время, насос)


 Максимум.  количество солода: 13 кг




 Высота: 70 ​​см


 Диаметр: 50 см


 Размер упаковки: 74 х 60 х 61 см (длина х ширина х высота)


 Вес брутто: 31 кг