Malt BEST Pilsen

Malt BEST Pilsen
Пильзенский Солод дает пиву свежий и насыщенный вкус. Он может быть использован для любых типов светлого пива. Также он формирует превосходный цвет и богатую ферментами основу для почти всех типов пива.
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About product

About product Malt BEST Pilsen

BEST Pilsen malt is the base malt base, broken up by the German BESTMALZ brewer for barley beers. The findings of the brewers confirm that the application of this product for the preparation of such beer styles as pilsner, tabir, spruce, kelsh showed excellent results. This variety of malt is vikorated not only at industrial brewing enterprises, but also in commercial craft and home breweries. The high characteristics of the product ensure high efficiency, which is manifested in enzymatic activity. And the affordable price allows you to win yoga for a wide variety of people.

Product Features

Best Pilsen malt creates a "light" base for all styles of beer. The resulting hoppy drink is distinguished by a noble light amber color (3-4 EBC), rich taste, and a pleasant barley aroma.

This malt variety is produced from selected two-row spring barley grown in ecologically favorable regions. That is why the manufacturer often positions its product as "organic". You can buy the original Best Pilsen in our store. When placing an order, do not forget to order targeted delivery. Goods for brewing are sent throughout Ukraine by Nova Poshta.


Up to 100% in bulk.

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Тип солода Базовый солод

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