Alambik with column 10 l

Alambik with column 10 l
Alambik with column 10 l
Alambik with column 10 l
Alambik with column 10 l
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brand: Alambik
Model: Аламбик на 10 литров с колонной
About product

About product Alambik with column 10 l

The online store of the company "Prolitech" offers everyone to buy cheap alambik with a column. This equipment is designed for the production of distillate at home. The device for home brewing is 99% made of high quality copper. And the seams obtained by refractory welding withstand significant loads that occur when the wort is heated and guarantee a long service life of the equipment.

This model is made using manual labor at the Alambiq factory in Portugal. This company has been producing high quality copper stills with a capacity of 5 l, 10 l, 20 l, 30 l, 40 l, 50 l for more than a hundred years. Thanks to this, the brand name has become a household name, and all equipment manufactured by the plant is called alambic. We directly cooperate with representatives of the manufacturer in Ukraine, so you can order such a moonshine from us at a bargain price.

Design features of an alambic with a column (10 liters)

This moonshine still has several main structural details:

  • Its basis is a round copper vat of 10 liters.
  • A column is fixed on the vat, the folding mechanism of which (optional) ensures the convenience of working in a hot state. The presence of the column allows you to significantly expand the list of products obtained. This structural element makes it possible to saturate alcoholic beverages with fragrant aromas - pour herbs, berries, spices into the column, and they will fill the produced drink with characteristic shades and notes.
  • A helmet is integrated into the alembic. The role of such a “cap” is to separate heavy fusel oils from alcohol vapors during the evaporation of the mash and redirect the “wrong” condensate for re-distillation.
  • Vapors are transferred from the cube to the condenser through a tube, called the "swan neck" for smooth bends. The correctness of its shape is of great importance and affects the stability of the work. Threaded fitting connects the helmet with the coil.
  • The coil is mounted in a special container filled with cold water. Passing through the coil, the steam condenses and the distillate cools. The entire assembly is called a cooler.

Having gone through all the structural elements, the raw material at the outlet of the coil turns into a pure 70-degree distillate.

Benefits of using a copper distiller in home brewing

An invaluable property of copper is the ability to remove sulfur compounds and the unpleasant smell of strong alcohol. In addition, the copper moonshine really provides a high degree of purification of moonshine while maintaining the aromatics of the feedstock. Simple and easy to use.

You can buy such moonshine for your own use or as a gift. The equipment impresses with excellent functionality, beauty - interesting shapes and mirror shine of red gold-colored surfaces.



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