Alambik Hercules 18 liters with dephlegmator

Alambik Hercules 18 liters with dephlegmator
Alambik Hercules 18 liters with dephlegmator
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Model: Геракл на 18 литров
About product

About product Alambik Hercules 18 liters with dephlegmator

The Prolitech company offers lovers of making high-quality strong alcoholic beverages at home to buy the development of domestic masters - Hercules alambic with a reflux condenser. This is a very interesting moonshine, which harmoniously combines the design, the principle of operation of the Portuguese Alembic and the technology of distillation devices developed by the German brands Kothe or Holstein. You can buy this compact, versatile equipment inexpensively in Ukraine on the pages of our online store. In the presence of a model with a distillation cube, a volume of 18 liters. But it is possible to order a different volume of the distillation cube - 5 l, 12 l, 24 l, 35 l and 45 l.

A distinctive feature of the alambic "Hercules" is a column with a radiator installed above the neck of the distillation cube, inside which there is a 9-pass dephlegmator. In the classic alambika, a domed helmet is installed in this place.

Thanks to the German-made column with a multi-pass dephlegmator and a radiator combined with it, the following goals are achieved:

  • The purity of the finished product is significantly improved, which retains the taste and aroma properties of the raw materials used.
  • The process of obtaining high-quality distillate is accelerated, after the first distillation, a first-class drink with an alcohol content of up to 80.0% is obtained.

Using the model of the Hercules copper moonshine still with a reflux condenser, you can get the following types of alcohol at home - cognac, brandy, calvados, chacha, plum brandy, not to mention the purest vodka. And if you want to make a classic barley whiskey, we recommend using Best Pilsen branded beer malt to make the wort.

Advantages of the alambik "Hercules" with a reflux condenser

If we talk about the main advantages of this model of distillation equipment, we should especially highlight:

  • Copper, from which this device is almost completely made. It has a natural ability to neutralize and ennoble the taste and aroma of alcoholic beverages obtained from mash.
  • The presence of a column with a reflux condenser provides a high degree of purification and significantly speeds up the distillation process.

You will be pleased with the price / quality ratio, the level of which allows the alambik "Hercules" to successfully compete with the best foreign samples.


Schematic representation of the dephlegmator:


P - the flow of alcohol-containing steam from the moonshine still

C - alcohol-containing steam without heavy-boiling components (sent to the coil)

K - condensate of heavy-boiling components (fusel oils, we clean the future distillate from them)

T - heat transfer by alcohol-containing steam through the surface of the dephlegmator

B - water for cooling the dephlegmator supplied from the radiator

W - heated water drained from the dephlegmator.

Attention! The water temperature can reach 95°C!!!

Alambik consists of a cube with comfortable wooden handles, which are fixed on a reliable arc of black metal. Unlike Portuguese alambicas, in which the handles are attached to the cube with rivets that can leak, this fastening will always remain secure and keep the cube airtight.



Volume (liters)


For production:

Whiskey, Grappa, Gin, Vodka, Cognac, Armagnac, Chacha, etc.


99.9% copper apparatus; Dephlegmator; Wooden handles; Welded joints.


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