Alambik Hercules 12 liters

Alambik Hercules 12 liters
Alambik Hercules 12 liters
Alambik Hercules 12 liters
Alambik Hercules 12 liters
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Model: Аламбик Геракл 12 литров
About product

About product Alambik Hercules 12 liters

Alambik "Hercules" is a unique equipment for the preparation of distillate at home. This is an exceptional device that allows you not only to get strong alcohol from mash in the country or in the apartment. Remarkable technology provides a high level of purification of alcoholic beverages. And the presence of a column is an excellent solution for the manufacture of fragrant original products according to author's recipes.

Design and operational features of the alambika "Hercules" 12 liters

The main piece of equipment is a copper alembic with a capacity of 12 liters. This moonshine does not include a helmet. A column with an integrated dephlegmator is installed in the neck of the tank. Through pipes provide free circulation of steam generated when the mash is heated in a cube. In contact with the cold walls of the structure, the steam condenses. The purified distillate with a minimum content of impurities is sent through a coil to a container for the finished drink. And heavy harmful impurities return to the cube.

Not only the design, but also the material of manufacture of the distiller contributes to high-quality purification of the liquid. After all, copper, oxidizing, neutralizes the sulfur aroma and specific taste. In addition, copper has a high thermal conductivity, making distillation much faster than with stainless steel equipment. The price of the Hercules moonshine still is higher than the steel counterpart. However, the benefits of copper structures are obvious. And although a stainless steel device can be bought inexpensively, evaluate all the advantages of copper products.

And the alambik with a dephlegmator of the described model is convenient to use. It is compact and takes up little space on the work surface. The distiller is equipped with wooden handles, making it easy to rearrange or carry if necessary.

An important feature of the equipment is the wall thickness of 1.3 mm. Due to this, dents do not appear on the case under moderate mechanical stress. Braga does not stick to the walls when heated quickly.

It is convenient that technological holes for a thermometer are provided in the case. Using a measuring device allows you to control processes.

Where to buy alambik for 12 liters?

In the online store of the company "Prolitech" you will find a large selection of copper moonshine stills for 5 liters, 12 liters, 18 liters, 24 liters. You can buy such equipment for home use. Choose a model according to your needs. If you like to experiment, then it is better to order equipment of small capacity. In this case, each moonshine cycle can be directed to the production of a small volume of exclusive alcohol. We demonstrate the most favorable prices in Ukraine for equipment and ingredients for the production of alcoholic beverages at home. This was made possible through direct cooperation with manufacturers.



99.9% copper apparatus

You will receive a high-quality, and safe distillate.

Copper is oxidized in the process of distillation, purified from harmful and toxic impurities of sulfur.

Thickness of copper walls 1.3 mm

Provides protection against deformation, dents, and also prevents the wort from burning.

Wooden handles

Convenient handles for moving the alambika. Immediately after distillation, you can take and rearrange the apparatus in a suitable place for it.

Welded joints

Extended device life.

Sieve for aromatization

The ability to obtain essential oils, as well as drinks that require extraction: Gin

Thermal conductivity of copper

Allowed to reduce the size of the refrigerator, in comparison with stainless counterparts, and at the same time achieve a better cooling coefficient. In practice, it is much easier for you to separate acetone impurities and fusel oils.


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