Alambik classic 5 l

Alambik classic 5 l
Alambik classic 5 l
Alambik classic 5 l
Alambik classic 5 l
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brand: Alambik
About product

About product Alambik classic 5 l

Copper distiller handmade with welded joints

Now we also offer small distillers in an expensive welded and absolutely reliable version. This alambique consists of four parts: the actual 5 liter alembic, a well-formed helmet, a perfectly curved spirit tube, and a radiator with a built-in cooling coil and connections for cooling water circulation.

Apparatus design

1. distillation cube;

2. helmet in the form of an onion;

3. steam pipe;

4. coil in the refrigerator.

Ideal distiller for hobby and home use. Due to its small size and flat bottom, this device can be comfortably distilled even on a home stove. Delivery of such a distiller is easy and fast!

Optional: with or without built-in thermometer.

Technical information: Length - 460 mm, width - 230 mm, height - 410 mm, total cube volume - 6500 ml

Material: forged copper.

Copper weight: 1 850 gr

Application: Distillation of brandy from wine and beer, distillation of own brew and whiskey, for parties, decoration object, for presentations, simple distillation of essential oils and distilled water.

The price is indicated with a thermometer.

Country of manufacture: Portugal.


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