400 liter shipping container

400 liter shipping container

400 liter shipping container
400 liter shipping container
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brand: SPEIDEL
About product

About product 400 liter shipping container

400 liter shipping container

For transporting liquids

For your internal or external transport to the customer, the shipping container is the right solution and offers you many advantages. The container is made of food-safe and UV-resistant PE material (natural color without pigments) and has extra thick walls for maximum stability. Thus, the barrel is ideal for transporting wine, juices, cider, water, edible oils, etc.

Constant operating temperature max. 60


Speidel transport containers are made of colorless and UV-resistant polyethylene and thus comply with EU regulation 1935/2004.


As usual at Speidel, these containers have particularly thick walls and are therefore extremely durable.


The smooth inner surface makes the container easy to clean.


The exit is at the lowest point of the container. Thus, complete emptying is possible. Outlet with 1 1/4" stainless steel sleeve.


The polyethylene base is not only stable, but also allows forklifts and pallet trucks to get under the container.


·         Food safe PE material

·         Stacked empty

·         Easy to clean thanks to smooth inner surface

·         380mm diameter screw cap with ventilation and ventilation

·         Completely emptied thanks to bottom outlet

·         Accessible base for forklifts and trolleys

·         Carrying bags for transport safety with tension strap


·         Height: 85 cm

·         Diameter: 106 cm